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96 Se-r For Sale

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96 se-r
80,000 miles
no rust, some little dents,red
rs limted white 15s
custom polished stainless steel exhaust
megan racing header
hot shot cold air
asp under drive pulley
extra front and back bumpers
white face gauges
new clutch
new starter
new altenator
blaupunkt red cd player
kumho 711s
Eibach springs
stillen grille

Make me an offer.
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Your Car

I am so interested---
This isn't that one idiot in Illinois' old car is it? Peoria or something?

Does your door molding come off when you open/close doors? If it doesn't I'll take it....
Bumpy ---- Sell it to me---I'll give you $4282 for it.....Let me know.....
Ive seen this car---This thing is spotless!!! I want it!!! What's your bottom dollar??

Email me if you really want to sell it----
I'll trade you....

A 6 Wheeler, A Tree-Sling shot, and a gross of bottle rockets for it....

You know---typicial MO stuff....

let me know-
96 se-r

I Will Take Trades

I went and drove this car---this thing is NICE! It is the nicest SE-R in the midwest...hands down. Someone needs to buy this---this is ridiculous. If I had the cash, I'd buy it...**** I'm bout to sell RHD GTiR to get it.....

bump bump
let me get this straight ur gona sella gti-r for a 200sx?if so how much for the rhd pulsar?
96 se-r for sale

Ft. Madison
96 se-r for sale

No pics yet.
96 se-r for sale

96 se-r for sale

bumpy bump
I am interested, I live in byron, IL. once you get some picture send them to me at byronchrisp05 I will see how much money i can scrape up.
There are pics on the site.... ;-)

I know , I's for poll's SE-R. It's nice man....really nice.
Peep the Civy though...
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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