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I need me SE-R
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1996 Nissan 200sx SE-R

113k Miles, Clean Title, Car is now in great condition!

(for those that think I'm asking too much here is what has been done, I am doing right now)
The Tune Up/Fixed Up Stuff I did:
Brake Pads, Rotors resurfaced, Fluid ($150, done)
o2 Sensor ($60, done)
Knock Sensor ($115, done)
PS Belt ($10)
Comp/Alt/Fan Belt ($12, done)
Spark Plugs ($40)
Spark Plug Wires ($54, done)
Dist. Rotor Head ($8, done)
Dist. Cap ($13, done)
Fuel Filter ($13, done)
Valve Cover Gaskets ($25)
Wiper, Coolant, PS Fluids filled ($20)
Oil (Mobil 1) and Oil Filter (K&N) Change ($20)
Clutch Cable ($42, done)
OEM Clutch (Put in 107,400 Miles) ($150, done)
Air Filter ($10, done)
A/C Refill (??)
Battery is about a year old ($60, done)
Alternator ($150, done)
Starter (From Andreas Miko, $75, done)
New Clutch Pedal Pad ($4, done)

What's wrong with it:
RPM and Engine Temp Gauges don't work & I don't know why
Clear plastic covering the gauges is cracked
Two rims were curbed (minor scraps)
One rim is missing a center cap
Rear speakers are blown
Front bumper and side fender need painting.

What comes with it:
17" G-Games rims on Nitto Neo Gen tires. ($1400)
ProCarParts "SE-R" Glow gauges ($35)
Focuz Exhaust
4x6 Polk speakers up front

I will also include:
137 Piece Craftsman tool kit ($125)
Turtle Wax Interior clean, Clay Bar Cleaner and other misc. auto care products
Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Wash System (it really works and works great).
Full Tank of gas ($25)
Full Inside and out cleaning

If this wasn't detailed enough or you have any more questions:
(916)-539-0426 (Cell)
[email protected]
AIM = mysergoesvroom

Thank You,

I need me SE-R
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(edit...posts above were deleted. thank you mods :D no more trolling my threads!)

But just in case. You think it's too much, so I added prices of what it comes with and what I have just recently put into it to help it sell. The starter, clutch and battery are the only things older than 4 months. The alternator, clutch cable, some tune-up parts and air filter are less than a few months old. Everything else, including sensors, fluids, brakes, etc are currently being done.

So yeah. The car runs GREAT! It won't flash codes...if it does, I'll fix them if it's a reasonable arguement. Last time codes were checked, it was the knock sensor and o2 sensor. Anything more than that ain't my fault.

So, if it's still too much, realized I am including / have put in over $2500. That's have of what I am asking!

oh so LAZY
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ill give you 3900 cash for it at the convention and drive it back. do you have the stock wheels?

I need me SE-R
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I won't be here during the convention. I'll be in boot camp. :(

After boot camp (August) I'll be in NC. So, if I end up not being able to sell it before then the car will be over there with me if I'm allowed to have it. If your still interested I'll take you up on the offer then, becuase I will have more of the car paid off.

Oh and no stock rims.

I need me SE-R
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Well, check back around the end of August then I guess... :)

And remember. While I'm in boot camp (3 months) the car will hardly be driven. Well, it better not be. Just enough to keep it in good running condition.

I need me SE-R
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One last bump! I leave basically tomorrow (stuck in a hotel, so no way to reach me) so just call my Dad or Uncle. Use the same # as above...

Everything is almost completely done! A few parts still need to come in, but since they won't be in til after I'm gone, they will just be included. My family might not be much help with the car, but other forum members should be.
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