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<<We havent had the chance to upgrade a 99-, really we havent even seen one
<<here yet.

<<We would like to take a look at the ECU.

Robert O'Toole
UPRD ECU Division
18108 Redondo Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92648 USA
714.842.3338 P
714.842.3339 F
[email protected]

If there is anyone close by with a 98-99 car....I would, but I'm here in
Reno. So far this is the only person I have run into that has shown any
interest in doing an ECU upgrade.

Charles Harris
99 SE

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damn, wish I was down there, or I would donate my serivces.

98 se-r w/ p/r cai, stillen header, courtesy exhaust, JUN flywheel, ACT clutch, NOS nitrous kit, eibach springs, kyb struts, st sways, cusco camber plates, f/r strut braces, lotsa bushings, and a bunch of other crap not really worth mentioning

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What are they going to try and do?
I'm assuming raise the redline and recalibrate the timing and air/fuel maps a little, but do they do anything else?
Different programs if you have aftermarket cams?
Computer controlled nitrous?

I want a JWT ECU with the S3/S4 program and their 50shot setup. If UPRD comes up with a good one before JWT, then I'll buy UPRD (if I like the results: dyno)

I do have a spare 99 ECU that I was going to use when I buy the JWT one so I don't have to pay a deposit. I would consider sending it to them, unless the want the car and the ECU.

I emailed JWT yesterday about the 98 and 99 ECUs and controlling nitrous and cam programs. I haven't heard back yet. I'll update here if I do.

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