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Is variable valve timing (vvt) and variable valve lift (vvl) the same thing? The reason why I ask is because I was told that the S14 and S15 SR20det came with vvl. After searching around I came across this

"'94-'98 S14 SR20DET

Black valve cover. All specs the same as S13 , except for the following changes:

Turbo: Garret T25 exhaust, T3 compressor wheel. A/R 0.64 on exhaust and 0.60 on compressor.
Variable valve timing system (Nissan's version of Honda's VTEC!).
Peak hp: 220hp @ 6000 rpm Peak torque: 28.0 kg @ 4800 rpm (203 ft.lbs).
The transmission is also a little stronger than the S13, and has a slightly lower gear ratio.
Compression: Spec: 156 psi, Min.: 128 psi, max diff. between cylinders: 14 psi.
S14 uses 'low port' intake design vs. S13 'high port' design.

'99-current S15 SR20DET

Black valve cover. The S15 was improved to overcome the problems of the S14.
Variable valve timing system (Nissan's version of Honda's VTEC!).Peak hp: 247hp @ 6400 rpm Peak torque: 28.0 kg @ 4800 rpm (203 ft.lbs).
All specs same except for following changes:
Turbo: Ball bearing Garret T28 exhaust,T3 compressor wheel.
Injector size: 480cc/min Stronger rods, improved crank bearings 6spd manual transmission."
This was taken from
but gave no apparent sources so the info may be questionable.

I only know of the Xtrail GT having the VET..and the Silvias having DET's..If they were equipped with VVL wouldn't nissan call them VET's also?

Any thoughts, insights, corrections, schooling are definitely welcome!:biggthump

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Its not the same at all.
VVL- Variable valve LIFT
VVT- Variable valve TIMING

Timing and lift are 2 different things

Notice the exclamation point after VTEC. Sound like an idiot copied a spec sheet and threw in the part about the VTEC as an uninformed afterthought.

also notice how they say the S14 uses a T25? I would not get any info about motors from whoever wrote that.

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its a bit of a misnomer... changing timing may change valve lift at different times during cam timing.... although peak lift may not change, the valve are held open longer/higher during periods when the valve should be closing or yes, cam timing changes lift in that aspect.
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