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Let's face it, there's a reason why the Grand I10 and Toyota Wigo 2022 are the best-selling mini cars in the Philippines. The vehicle has everything you could want: fuel efficiency, affordability, and exceptional build quality.
With that said, it might be worth considering these two options. Here, we will look closely at A Detail Comparison of Toyota Wigo Vs Grand I10!
Toyota Wigo Vs Grand I10
Hyundai and Toyota have different approaches when talking about the sub-compact model. Hyundai's design is sharp and angular, while other than the great Toyota Wigo price, the car's appearance is more generic. One of the most noticeable features is the chrome at the rear of the car. The Wigo could benefit from less chrome.
The Grand i10 is more pleasing to the eye, with a more organic shape. The car's design stands out due to its good detailing compared to the Wigo. The Grand i10 2022 has pull-type door handles, while the Wigo has chrome to spice up its design, making the Hyundai car a top contender in exterior design.
Hence regarding the exterior part, Grand I10 might get the win.
Ultimately, the Toyota Wigo is a basic vehicle and does not offer luxury features. The design combines a mix of plastics and light colors, giving this vehicle an airier feel than other basic models on the market. With fixed headrests, taller drivers may have some ergonomic concerns, while those in the back have plenty more support.
The interior of the Hyundai is more luxurious than its sibling, the Wigo. It has a higher quality design and materials, which gives it a classier feel. The major controls are more satisfying to use and are not cheaply made.
So, regarding the interior, the Wigo seems slightly less attractive than Grand I10.
Regarding the performance, Toyota Wigo is built and engineered to stay in the city, but it can be pushed to its limits of on-road performance. A few minor drawbacks include troubling NVH at higher speeds and gas mileage that decreases to 9.8 km/L when a 4-speed automatic is used instead of the 5-speed manual.
The Grand i10 is a solid SUV for urban and rural landscapes. To be precise, it's designed for high-density settings but is flexible enough to tackle different terrains such as bumpy roads and highways. In the city, the car feels like it has a higher class due to good sound isolation.
It rides better through rough terrain than the Wigo. Due to the car's bigger engine and one more cylinder, it has less noise compared to the Wigo with an 87 horsepower engine. The steering is vaguer than the Wigo but feels more planted and comfortable at highway speeds.
Once again, the Grand i10 seems to be a great choice. If you want to buy a new or used Toyota Wigo and Grand i10, vistit here: Find Toyota cars for sale at cheap prices in Aug 2022
Cars are a great way to get around, and if you're in the market for one, you know how tough it can be to find the perfect fit. Toyota Wigo Vs Grand I10 might be a great choice for your reference if you're looking for an economical yet powerful car.
It is also based on your own experience with each car you want to own. So why not visit stores now and take a trial drive for your benefit? Hope you can find the one! Cheer!
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