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a few pics of my 240sx

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More can be seen at

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Nice!!! You taking it to the dyno on the 21st?
yep i hope to have my t04r on there too
tensecond240sx said:
yep i hope to have my t04r on there too
Hopefully, my tranny will be in by then. I do hope to be there. However, I fear no Blue 240's :D.
I like it..Well the chicken wire grill needs to be 86'd, but everything else is dope.
I got to ride in this thing at the DI dyno day. It's pretty wicked.
It was funny watching those TRD guys **** their pants after seeing his dyno run... THey swore it wouldn't even get half of what it pulled.
I think they knew what was to come..I told 'em ahead of time that it should be putting down over 400rwhp. I think he only hit like 390rwhp, though. He did that with a turbo that is on the fritz. :cool:

Aaron still got him at 461rwhp, though. That was sweet.
What mods do you have?

and the nick is interesting 10 secs 204sx heh but with 390whp I doubt 10's are possible.

but man good times ill post up some pics of my dads 240 and stuff later on. let us know the exact result of the dyno and mods when you can.

I think 10s are his goal. Kindof hard to achieve with that turbo he has on it right now.

He also chips his own ECUs. Pretty sweet if you ask me. :)
10's are ours too...we are many on the same boat...but we go happy with 11s on the street :)
to hit 10's with a 240sx you will have to have a high 400HP output with a really good suspension setup or a low to mid 500 output with some decent suspension setup.
even with what u got now, i'm sure there are a few v8's you have EMBARASSED;)
We raced some beast of an LS1 that same day. He had the jump from about a car behind and as soon as he passed the 240 (which took about a split second) Aaron got on it. Pulled about a car. I was deaf in one ear (that camEro was loud)

This was done on a closed track with professional drivers.

I swear

hmmm damn it looking at the pictures of the engine I noticed something that brings some kind of dilema.

the BOV position. we used to have it where you guys have it (same greddy type s) but then was told by a turbo profesional (works and sells them all day long)

that the bov is badly located there do to you dont get to charge your intercooler you let the air go by before it hits the intercooler and into the intake. its supposed to go on the other side to discharge the exess of air.

anyways I don't know we just got it on the other side and thats what we were told...sounds kinda logical to me but dont know let me know your comments.

I only know of one other SR20DET guy that has put his BOV on the hot side, and that is javierb14. He mounted right next to the i/c, though.
but from the intercooler to throttle tube right?
No, it was on the hot side . Let me see if I can find the link and explanation.

I guess I had it backwards. It looks like he changed his setup since then anyway. Ewps.
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