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A Sentra Driver/Owner No More... Free Parts!

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18 August 2007: a VERY sad day.

My '92 Sentra E was totaled in a single-vehicle accident at about 1730 (5:30p) on Saturday 18 August 2007. I was driving northbound on US-81 from Enid, OK to Wichita, KS when, just south of Wellington, KS, my rear tires hydroplaned out from behind me and I spun off into the roadside ditch. The last thing I saw before I had spun 180 degrees around was that I was heading for a culvert in the ditch and then I braced for impact.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the ambulance on my way to the Wellington Regional Hospital.
Apparently what had happened after I spun around is that I struck the culvert with the right rear corner of my car, ramped up and over the culvert (~40' wide), struck a light pole that was on the other side, hitting it between my right rear wheel and passenger-side door, which continued to rotate my car so that when it landed it rolled onto the driver's side and then onto the roof.

I only sustained a few lacerations to my head and right forearm (23 stitches in all) and multiple minor abrasions and bruises.

The main point of this post, however, is to let the Sentra community know that my car's remains are now at a junk yard, free to be picked over for anything you feel is worth taking. And when I say "free" I really mean "free". I do not know what all is worth taking from the wreckage, but from what I was able to tell, the main things worth taking are the 15" B14 rims I had on it. They all appear to still be in good shape with only a few scratches on them; they don't look bent or dented at all. I didn't take them off of the car to thoroughly check them over, but they should be good.

In short, if anyone wants to go check out what's left of my Sentra, they can have whatever they want, for free. It's at Strickland Road Service, at the intersection of I-35 and US-166, near South Haven, KS. They're open 24 hrs, and their number is (620) 892-5232.

Good-bye, Sentra-world, it's been a blast.
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Glad your ok
damn bro, really sad to see that happen...good to see that youre ok though. thats a nasty wreck. good luck on your recovery.
Glad your O.K. bro...sad about your car. Now is time to get a real SE-R...;)

The:cool:tats on the side of noggin gives you character...:D

Another sentra gave it's life for it's owner...

Glad your OK.
dam dood good thing you escaped without too bad a deal. RIP your car....
glad your ok man

hey the back glass is still good
:) Thanks, everyone!

@ davy: Yeah, go figure that the only piece of glass I had to replace on the car (some @!!#$ kids thought it'd be fun to smash it out w/a bat or something a few months back) is the only one that survived!
sentra saved you buddy.. remember that
looks like u escaped the reaper on that one..
sentra saved you buddy.. remember that
I was about to say the same ****, and tell you keep it to the sr20's... I switched over once out of nissan and got into a horrible accident with my h22a accord... terrified me, havent taken my sentra above 90 after that day...
glad to see you're alive...chicks dig battle scars :D
I know how you feel. Im glad to see your ok. Mine gave up its mechanicals for me as well.
thank god youre okay. i remember you building up your sentra with such that it is totaled now.

anyways stay in the nissan game! hopefully you will pick up an se-r this time around ;D
Glad you're OK (minus a little head trauma).

That's pretty cool of you to offer free parts to everyone. Your car will live on as an organ donor. :)
wow man, that could have been really bad . Good thing your ok. are you willing to ship two of your b14 wheels?? Ill pay shiping if its not to bad, i dont need them with tires. 33914?
glad you survived. make sure you get another classic. theyre life savers!

damn i saw I-35 and was ready to go get those rims but i dont have enough time to go to oklahoma. crap!
Wow... Glad all is well. Best wishes and happy recovery. :)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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