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Is it hard to change one? I need one bad but I don't have a service manual. will some explain or send me a copy of manual please. and also what's a good clutch to buy.(lets remember I don't have a lot of money) thanks


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I don't have the link at hand but IIRC there is more than one fairly detailed walk through of the process linked from

As far as "is it hard" well.. it all depends on what you have done and what you think (or actually are) capable of.
The first time I did a clutch job it took me two days. Sine thenI have done many clutches and a few motor swaps. If I got home at 4pm and wanted to go out at 10pm I think I would have enough time to do a clutch, shower and eat before leaving.

Your best bet is to research the process and be able to do it in your head step by step. Then, get all the correct tools, parts AND someone else who has done it before, and attack it some weekend when you can afford to have the car down all weekend if need be.

As far as the parts needed... how many miles does your car have?
Regardless of mileage I would replace the disk, pressure plate and throwout bearing. With clutches there are many varietys ranging from a $100 (or so?) kit from Courtesey Nissan (that is a stock-duty setup), to hundreds if not thousands for race setups.
Don't forget to resurface the flywheel!!!
Consider replaing the tranny switches (if they leak) or at least sealing them with some RTV. Also consider replacing the axle seals and of course new trany fluid (synthetic such as redline improves shift feel, consider it!)
any more q's?
david lau


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