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AC Compressor

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Has anyone ever removed their AC compressor, cause i need recomendations for a replacement belt. The non-AC belts will not fit they are smaller than the AC belts.Thanks
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Running a 4 groove belt on a 6 groove pulley for about 2 years now. No problems at all. Let me know on a size I'll look in the morning.;)
Did you feel any difference in power with the ac compressor removed. Also is there any fear with the belt skipping the grooves. Thanks in advance
Sorry forgot to get that belt size. It's a dayco 310K4. I'm runnin a UR crank pulley but I think it'll still fit ok. Never had any problems at all just be sure to center it up on the pullies. It's seen about 8K rpm wise on a regular basis with a bunch of 1/4 mile runs and a couple of track events.;) No I didn't really notice any more power.
so, James, I think I am looking for the same setup as you,

I have the UR crank and water pump pullies, and want to get rid of the AC system becuse it doen't work, I have a 94 classic, so the belt Number you gave above will work for me?

Yep it'll work just fine. I'v got a 94 classic too. Those are the best ones;)
james vick said:
Yep it'll work just fine. I'v got a 94 classic too. Those are the best ones;)
Mine is a 94 and I agree they are the best. Check out my modest web page.

I removed my AC a couple months ago and running a 4 rib belt with no problems. However, I recomend not centering the belt on the pullies but rather keeping it to the inside. This puts less stress on the bearings.

The purpose of removing the AC was not to gain HP but to reduce weight. I noticed a difference in the way the car handled in the slower turns at Summit Point.
1994 is the best! I will agree... much better than 1997!! HAA HAAA


ok, thanks for the help and the tips guys. What all did you end up taking out for the ac, is there a schematic somewhere on the net so I know what to take out? Shoes59: since you just did this a couple of months ago, just wondering if you remembered! thanks man.

Maybe I should look at it and I will be able to tell what comes out of the car!:D

I don't know. I'v tuned a 95 that run's real good. Look at Plano se-r. Check out his times!:D
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