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Well guys, after only my first few posts, my 91 SE-R is dead. Just when I thought I'd be keeping it a few months longer....I smashed a curb and divider on my way home a few hours ago.
The impact blew out both driver's side tires, bent both rims, knocked my rear motor mount way out of whack, which stuck it in first gear. I attempted to drive it 2 more miles to home but the impact and high rpm driving in 1st gear gave the motor a hell of a shock because about 1 mile down the road, the bottom end blew right the hell out of the oil pan and caught on fire!

Yep, the damn thing caught on fire - not a big one, just some flames under the motor for about 5 mins. So there it sits right now, awaiting my call to Triple-A for a tow back home to the garage. I will then sell parts off of it, and send it to it's final resting place.

I actually happened to have my digital camera in my pocket when the motor blew in the middle of the road as I was attempting to pull over. If someone would like to post the pics, let me know and I will email them to you...sorry but I'm in no mood to upload them and link them right now.

It still has many good parts, some of which include lights, trunk, wing, glass, interior, fairly new clutch, new clutch cable, grille, passenger mirror, passenger fender & door, 2 rims, 2 tires, x-drilled rotors, and anything in the engine compartment besides the block. For parts inquiries, please send me email at [email protected] or [email protected].com or just give me a call at 908-436-0038.

Thanks, Chris B.

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Hey Chris, this is Kris. Sorry to hear about your car. If you want to send me the pics, I will get them on for you. Also, I am beginning to think that there is no way to FTP your site, through MSN.

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