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I sent this into the SE-R list, but thought I'd repost it here to get the most ideas on my problem:

I'm gonna need some help here guys. First, the following deals with my
'92 Classic. I was out last night around 2AM just driving around getting
some air when I noticed my temp guage was 3/4 of the way to the maximum
temp. The normal temp is right in the middle so I kept my eye on it. After
noticing it was still rising over the normal mark I pulled over in a high
school parking lot and opened the hood to let it cool off. After waiting
about 10 minutes I fired up the motor and proceded to do some detective
work. First things I checked were obviously my coolant reservoir, radiator
fluid level, and made sure the fans were working. Everything checked out
fine so I got back in and started to head home.

The motor quickly got back up to its regular tempeture and stayed there,
everything seemed fine. But after 5 minutes of it holding steady at exactly
1/2 on the guage, it suddenly started to rise again. A few minutes later I
pulled off in another parking lot, lifted the hood, and let it cool back
down once again before the final leg of my journey home.

History soon repeated itself. I started it back up, temp got up to its
regular 1/2 mark and stayed there for five minutes, then suddenly started to
raise just like the previous two times. By now though I was close to my
complex, and was able to pull into my spot and shut it down before it got
into the dangerous area of the guage. The parking lot lights here are too
dim to really start ivestigating under the hood, so I went inside to get
some sleep and take a closer look the next day... today.

I tried again this morning and experienced the same thing. I've spent a
few hours now rechecking the coolant levels, operations of the fans, leaks,
and searching the archives for what the problem could be, and it seems the
two most common problems dealing with cooling system probs are related to
either the water pump or thermostat.

I just want to double check this with the rest of you before having to
drain the system to replace either of the above. Now the day previous one of
the ignition wires poped off the distibutor, but since I was on highway I
had to drove for about 7 miles before noticing the loss of one of my
cylinders (when I tried to pass somsone). I pulled over and reatched it and
everything was fine since then untill last night, when I started having my
colling system probs. The reason I bring this up is, is it possible my ECU
tried to better compensate for change from the previous day and has now
somehow screwed up parts of my cooling system.

So basicly I'm asking if anyone can see a connection between the two,
and if not, ideas on other things to check before I have to go through the
pain of removing my power stearing components to try replacing the water
pump. Thanks in advance, and hopefully someone in the future can benefit by
finding this in the archives.


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I was gonna say water pump, then i noticed that someone else told you that as well. Im pretty sure this is your culprit. Just get a nw one from the dealer and change it out. You might as well anyways, since its not expensive at all, it cant hurt.

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Actually, I'd replace the thermostat first. If the water pump were going bad (or is bad) you would've probably heard it making some noise, or at least seen it start to drip water through the little hole under the shaft (you'd find it if it were bad). What I'm thinking is your thermostat failed and seized itself closed. So, now no water is flowing to cool the engine down. I'd start with this (since it's inexpensive and easier to replace than the water pump). You can also check if it's functioning by bringing up the car to normal operating temp (when the thermostat usually opens) and looking to see if any of the two hoses is collapsed (indicating the absence of the water flow). Hope this helps....

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