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For those of you not on the SE-R list:

(Clutch Disc Issue)
Woohoo! Got the tranny out today. To my dismay checking the differences
between the stock disc and the ACT supplied 'DK' (I think it's Daiken) disc
we found that the stock face width is 1/4 inch wider on the stock disc. Has
anyone seen this before? Look at the link below as I have a caliper and the
2 side by side, Stock disc on left - ACT Street/Strip disc on right. I can't
imagine this being an advantage and unless anyone can convince me otherwise
I am getting on the phone with my vendor Monday morning to swap it out. I
would also like to note that when I got the clutch kit in I called ACT and
went over *every* part number in the kit, ensuring that everything was

(Axle Seal Issue)
Also... I ordered left and right seals from Courtesy and again much to my
dismay it looks like a goof up on their part. I got 2 of the same side axle
(drivers side) and they both look nearly the same but each one has a
different part number! [38342-31X02] & [38342-8E002] Can someone with a B14
Fiche tell me which one is correct and also what the part number for the
passenger side is?

(Flywheel Resurface Issue)
Ok my father and I both think the flywheel looks great as it is. As you can
see in the pics we have started to sand with 600+ grit paper the right side.
The surface area is extremely smooth and flat with no burn marks. I have
always been easy on my clutches and this once again proves it, showing after
51k that the clutch disc had more than half it's life left, the pressure
plate and flywheel looking pristine. On air-cooled VW's we always lightly
crosshatch-pattern sanded it unless it had burnt spots, an obvious uneven
surface. I have scoured the archives and found many who have asked this
question but no one ever answered them. What is the point of resurfacing if
it looks to be in great shape?


'97 200SX SE-R
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