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DO not trust what your local auto parts dealer has to say about what part you need, 75% of the parts manufactured God knows where, which Advanced auto, autozone, greyline, pepboys and many more or flawed designs.

take this for example:

I own a 88 volvo 240dl . I go to advanced auto in a bind needing a rotor cap as mine was full of carbon deposits and the car was running horrible. so i have a hard time getting it on. well stupid me i was so frustrated i made it fit poorly. and i didnt save the stock one to compare. so i come home. ofcourse my dad like any dad ?'s me on why im a day late coming home from a trip out of town. I live in a close family ;) . anyways i showed him the problem, he goes" thats not the right part," i say what? he shows me the flaws and why it doesnt fit properly so we go to every auto store they all carry the same crap and they state it fits all volvo 240's thats a wide variation of years of differnt ignition systems. anyways in this case we went to volvo dealer and they now carry the same made in BUM **** brand.. BTW bosch didnt do any better job. so we had to custom order one through IPD.

second example, Remanufactured starters are Crap. if you buy them they have a lifetime warranty but a life of at the most about 4-6months
how do you like changing that thing every 6 months i know i dont on my 89 sentra and 89 subaru. it SUX.

Third, my best friends water pump goes bad on the highway around town . he has a 240sx 1993 coupe. so i throw my tool box in my trunk and hed over there. we pic up the water pump and a new thermostat from auto zone.
the pump we bought was good qaulity to my surprise. now the thermostat deal. it is a OEM replacement which means it should work like stock equipment. so we put everything in
car is still over heating. now by this time im like WTF , because i knew i did a damn good job on the install.
so we get it home after hours of stop go stop go stop go.
i call my dad ( MR professional mechanical engineer) he sais sounds like a thermostat problem test them in a bowl of oiling water. they should open up at the specified temp. sure enough the aftermoarket oem no name thermostat didnt open till way later. the stock nissan one was still good and opened on the T. i figured this was just a fluke so i bought two more to test them. same problem. so as a word of advice please pic and choose what you buy from the dealer and what you dont buy.
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