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A friend of mine just got a 92 NX2000, and is just coming to realize the beauty of aftermarket mods. I have a 92 Dodge Daytona R/T (which is a BASTARD to find mods for). And I'm working on the first mods for my g/f's 2001 SC2 (which, is semi-easier to find mods for). He has decided that he wants a fast, loud, low car, but has no idea what to do. This is where I come in, I will help him with his car, but first I need some places to find parts, Stillen, Hotshot, and Jim Wolf I have found just by doing a little surfing. If you guys know of anymore, I'd be thankful, and he would love you all forever.


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Try here:

It might be a little outdated, but you should still be able to find some good stuff there.

Check out Ground Control for a good coliover setup. Motivational might be a better bet if he wants to go really low. That way he can have shortened strut bodies to maintain the suspension travel.

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