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everyone i've tried to sell this car to keeps backin out last minute for whatever reason.... point is, i want it sold... i copy and pasted this from the old for sale thread i did... anyway, i'm askin for $4500... but thats negotiable.. name a price and i'll repsond. need the money for school dammit!
thanks for lookin.

alright... i'm puttin up for sale my 95 ser... here are some pics and below is gonna be the full mod list... or atleast as much as i can remember.... <--- some pics.. i dont have that many anymore...
95 chassis with 76000 miles on it
sr20det gtir motor with 30,000 miles on it, more or less....
motor is bored to 86.5 with new CP pistons
eagle connecting rods & bolts
arp main bolts
new bearings
eibach sportline springs
kyb agx shocks
fairly new tires
MSD 72lb injectors modified to fit gtir intake manifold & fuel rail
nismo regulator
msd 6al
coil taken from a 96 toyota supra turbo & wired in
NGK spark plugs & wires
walboro high pres. fuel pump
energy suspension motor mounts all around, except front mount.. take from a 95
V6 camry and modified to fit....
FMIC (large, see pic.. cant remeber the dimensions) with 2 1/2" piping
koyo radiator
Autometer phantom series gauges installed (pyrometer, boost, oil pres & water temp.)
JGY 6 puck clutch & light weight flywheel installed
greddy profec B boost controller & matchng turbo timer
some bull sh*t JVC radio & cd player (45x4)
fully programmed & installed Haltech E6K.........................................
like the sig says... 276whp @ 6600 @12psi, cant remember the tq... that dyno was done a long time ago
car needs a cold start tune... when the car is cold it misfires... once it warms up it runs perfect...
the tach doesnt work...
i think it's a good buy..
someone hit me up... feel free to email me also
[email protected]

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So is your car sold yet? If not, I'm in the market for a B14 and yours might fit the bill. I've got money to spend but still searching for the right car. How close are you to the Washington DC area? Let me know asap, as I am looking at some others not as nice as yours.

Got cash, so lets talk!


(yeah that's my real name!) :)
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