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hey, got a scenario alittle different from yours, but same noise......

i'm running the agx's with st springs. with this setup, the rear suspension was dead quiet. next i bought and installed the motivational rear shock mounts that give you an inch more travel. got the same noise you're experiencing.

i put everything back together in the same order, but that was the problem. to solve the noise, i rearranged one of the metal washers, and one of the factory rubber washers.

here is the order from top-to-bottom i put the washers in.

-gold colored nut
-gold colored curved washer
-small rubber washer (small in thickness, not in diameter, should be same diameter as the rubber one below it)
-factory rubber washer (the one that is about an inch tall and has the ribbs around it) with the lip facing down going into the shock plate
-next, the motivational shock plate (which looks similiar to the GC coilover plates)
-another factory rubber washer (1/2 inch tall shaped like an hourglass) with the lip facing up going into the plate
-metal washer (pretty good size in diameter so it supports completely the rubber bushing above it without having any rubber overhanging)
-bump stop

with the lip of one factory washer facing down through the hole in the plate, and the other one up, it keeps the agx shock shaft centered through the shock plate, and snug, so that for one, there's no slop, and for two, there's no noise from metal to metal contact. i actually called motivational about this noise problem, and it sounds like the agx's are a longer 'shaft' design than other shocks for our cars, and it's the extra length which is casuing the 'slop' and noise in our rear suspension.

post again if i'm unclear about something, anyways hopes this might help

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