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Hey Guys--I just installed my filter on a stick today and had a few questions I thought someone here might help me with. There seems to be another airbox under the stock airbox with a hose going to it. I am thinking this is an intake silencer such as honda and dsm use. Has anybody removed this and what did you do with the hose. Also--the aiv hose coming from the front of the ex mani that goes to stock air box? I left it dangling and unplugged--is that ok?

thanks again for your help


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so stock--it is scary

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Yea that box down in the fender behind the bumper is more or less a silencer. As is the little box below the intake tube that has the 1 1/2" hose going to it. The AIV should either be plumbed back into the intake or the easier way of putting a small k&n filter on it. Look in the archives for "baby K&N Kevin" that may pull the number up for it. I put it in there after I finaly found which one. I can get the part number later if nothing else.
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