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Almost all my turbo stuff

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Updated price list and available parts:
Greddy profec b spec II - 265 shipped
Greddy tt - 70 shipped
3" exhaust and test pipe combo - 340 plus shipping
bov - I was told avenir style, but have no clue what it is - 20 shipped

Pictures can be seen at
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how much for everything except ic kit,exhaust,and turboxs dsbc
unless the ic piping can fit in a b13 with minor adjusting
how much for the H/S i/c kit, d/p, turbo xs bc, and 3" exhaust?
I'm selling the kit because I got a deal that was too good to pass up on a different car that I'm going to use as my daily driver. I was building the 200 to use as a daily driver and no longer need this setup. The snow isn't too bad, just got some more last night, but I could use some snow tires on my new car
Sale pending on some of the parts and will update later with new info.
bumpp... his price for the fmic is a steal... it goes for almost 900.00 on JGY... someone buy it
Willing to just sell the turboxs dsbc?
how much for just the gauges?
talk to me about the bc and the exhaust, I am local too so we can work something out.
how much for the i/c kit?
The turbo has about 1mm of play each way. Pics should be up soon.

Pics are up at
how much for the BC ship'd?
The greddy bc 270 shipped
bonk said:
The greddy bc 270 shipped

What about the turboxs?
I believe that is already sold
ill take just that test pipe off your hands, how much do you want for it?
If someone else is interested in just the intercooler, I'll take all the piping off your hands. Ive already got a greddy cooler.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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