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well I've done a few mods to my car, AEBS headers, (very nice upgrade) pop intake, wp/crank underdrive pulleys, straight through muffler (magnaflow) and while I have certainly noticed a difference I'm curious as to what my horsepower is now. Taking my car to the dyno would only depress me... because I live at 6400 feet elevation. This saps a ton of horsepower, I'm probably getting the same HP a stock NX would get at sea level.

The reason I'm whining here is that I found a very interesting calculator on the net that estimates your HP at altitude, thought I'd share it here with all my buds with SR20DE's

Take it easy, can't wait to get my car down to sea level an check it out....

92NX, 65K, AEBS, UDP, POP intake, Magnaflow muffler.

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