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Sure you VTEC is fast
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This is for a swap involving a '94 sentra xe AT.... (sucks doesnt it?)

stuff you have
[X]SR20DE Engine
[X]SR Transmission
[X]SR Motor Mounts (with brackets?)

Stuff needed
[ ]Downpipe
[ ]SR Transmission mounts
[ ]B13 SE-R/Nx2000 Engine Harness
[ ]B13 SR Axles
[ ]B13 clutch cable (with bracket)
[ ]clutch?
[ ]Pedals
[ ]Shift linkage to the shifter
[ ]Shift boot
[ ]Speedo cluster (with the wiring harness to the ecu if possible)/
[ ]Speedo cable (with bracket)
[ ]Power steering pump with lines
[ ]NX2000 Radiator (with hoses)
[ ]Air Intake system (with the hoses)
[ ]B13 5spd SE-R ECU
[ ]Crossmeber

Sensors (dont know if these are included)
[ ]SE-R TPS Sensor
[ ]SE-R O2 Sensor
[ ]thermo stat

Buying up every nx in ont
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I have everything you need but a pair of axels, a nx2k rad ,down pipe and speedo cable , please pm if you are interested :D and Im pretty sure thats about all you need

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if u dont have it u need motor harness, and if u want to make it alot simpler to put the se-r cluster in u would need a se-r dash harness so that the factory rpm gauge works
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