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Any Idle Problems with 550's on DE+T28

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Was just curious if there would be any driveability issues with 550 injectors on a Gti-R T28+ USDM motor setup/JWT ecu I know these injectors are probably too big for my goals but from what I've been reading Greg Perry says that at 12psi on 4bar/bored maf/370cc will be pushing the limits of the injectors.

So since I'll be trying to dailydrive at 12psi and I want to also put cams in (S3/S4)down the road I want the injectors to run lower duty cycles just for safety. I like the fact that the 550's just drop in, so thats why I'm interested in them. I also like the fact that it gives me room to grow if I ever choose to.

If 370's/4bar/bored maf are ok with my plans of 12psi +cams please let me know. Also what would be the max SAFE psi on a DE 9.5 motor with 93 octane fuel???
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I wouldn't go over 12psi personally. I think some guys have gone up to 15 but that's a bit risky! I'm assuming you're adding a fuel pump in there :) 12psi + cams = roasting 2nd :) Oh yeah, 550s should be just fine. People run bigger injectors than that with no probs.
Yeah I'm gonna go with a warlboro 255
You shouldn't have any issues with the 550's. A couple of my friends run them with no issues. Soon I will be running the same set up as you. I figure 8-10 psi for dail driving and 12 psi when its time to boogie. I think you should maintain the car at about 8-10 psi for daily driving. The power will be awesome. I think we are limited to about 12 psi for safe high boost use JMHO.
I use 50lb MSDs (525cc) on a T28 setup on a daily driver. It is just fine, I can get over 30mpg on the highway. I run 10psi daily and will be bumping it up to 15psi this season at the track on 94 octane.
Cool thanks guys for the input. Hopefully by the end of august I'm gonna be boosted. Right now just trying to get my research done, and looking for my parts.
cool i dont feel so alone anymore,
i thought i was going to be the onlyone
in my area with a t28 and 50lbs. Everyone
thought it was over kill but i love reliability
and power along with the room to upgrade
performance.Im in queens let me know if
you guys be meeting up anywhere in nyc
besides the yonkers at the spizot(spot).
I love looking at other nissan sr20s, i get
tired at looking at my set up all day.
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