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We're thinking about developing an automotive theme browser, IE & Firefox, Vista, XP, Server 2003, & Linux.

The idea is to have themes, images, rss feeds, as well as links to news, blogs, forums, & shopping for performance automotive & racing related sites.

Considerations for themes might be:

* Formula 1
* Formula SAE
* Drag Racing
* Rally Racing
* World of Outlaw
* (your idea here)

So...... who would consider using such a browser and who might even help develop or at least submit links and ideas?

This is just an idea at this point, so let's see who's interested in contributing. I can provide collaboration space, server space and even some (very limited) funding where it's necessary but this would be a development effort largely driven by volunteers with either ideas & suggestions or direct development work.

So who's interested and who would consider using such a browser? (and yes, a completely clean browser tested and confirmed to have zero malicious code and zero tolerance for anything questionable slipped in)

There's a poll and comment area in our Tuner Tools forum here if you've any interest at all or even if you just want to let us know this is the dumbest idea you've heard in 2009.
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