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Anybody do graphics?

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Would like to make an attractive "SR20DE Forum" logo to replace the Ulitmate Bulletin Board logo?
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A friend of mine back home does them professionaly. Im sure he would do one for me if I asked. Since its so small he problay wouldnt charge me either. Just have to try to find him next week. I will ask around my friends here at school maybe someone has some talent. Im just pittful at stuff like that.
Now I know what I want for the logo! A picture of a SR20DE valve cover with some red/polished scheme to it with SR20DE Forum down the middle where the plug wires go. I will try to locate the valve cover picture from someone on the net who has a prettied up valve cover (with their permission of course) and post it then see what you guys can do with it.
With the picture I think I might even be able to do that. Would have to play with it for a little while tho.
Could ask the list if anyone out there with a red valve cover could they take a picture of it straight down if possible. Just an idea.
I've asked 4 people now that I found their pictures on Waiting for responsed. I know Naji Dahi has a good picture but its not red and wouldn't show the lettering on the cover well even though it's polished. His picture here would be perfect if it were red with the letters silver or white:

Maybe play with that to see what you can come up with and if I like it enough I'll ask Naji if it would be ok which I'm sure it would be since he's a really cool guy.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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