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Anyone out there with only 13mpg??

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Well, I've gone through about 4 tanks of fuel since getting my first turbo powered car. The first 2 tanks were gone in about 80-90 miles each, about 8-9mpg!! I 86'd the SAFC, and readjusted the TPS, fixed a few vacuum leaks, and now I'm at 13mpg. Still pretty darn horrible if you ask me...

Things I haven't checked yet, that will be checked soon as I have the means to do so:

Fuel pressure (has stock regulator)
Fuel pump (brand, model)
I still have a vacuum leak somewhere, running about 14in, should be around 18-19 with S3 cams, right? I think it might be in the idle control circuit somewhere.
Haven't checked O2 voltages, too lazy, I'm hoping to find a techtom or nProbe to make things easier :)

If anyone has a "hey that happened to me, here is your problem", let me know. Otherwise, I'll just keep checking stuff till I find it.

Also, every once in while if sitting in traffic, I get a muffled backfire and a smoke cloud comes out the tailpipe. I don't think its oil leaking through the turbo, cause it smells like raw fuel.


Gabe "my car stinks like unburned fuel" Pari

'91 Sentra
JWT 3 bar
Cobra MAF
555 injectors
S3 cams
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youve got a serious problem, maybe boost leak somewhere, maybe worng maf for your car, maybe maf wired incorrectly... try the boost leak test... try swapping mafs with someone... check to make sure your injectors arent leaking
you think that is bad. under boost on my old 200sx i was lucky to get 3 miles to the gallon. while wide open throttle, you could see the gas gauge walk down further and gurther. but that was with 890cc injectors
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