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my '99 has so much emissions equipment that i was wondering do we have potential to free up a lot of horse power. Another reason i bring this up is because i removed my air horn and i have noticed a CONSIDERABLE difference above 5k, i am involved in a group deal for the PR CAI and i just want to know if there are other ways that can free up hp for my car that may be different from earlier year SE-R's?


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It seems like we can advance the timing a little more because of the weaker stock cams. Try 19 degrees on 92-93 octane.
I don't know if the exhaust manifold is any different, but there are no free mods there.
Did you just remove the resonator box (from the fenderwell) or did you also remove the lower half of the airbox? you can as long as you wire the filter into place (and most people rotate it so the filter is kinda facing up.

From reading the FSM I don't think any of the extra emissions crap has any affect on acceleration, it operates under steady state.

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Yep, the 98-99's do have alot of extra junk on them.

Removing the air horn may just make you THINK your cars faster, cause I know the intake really starts to growl with it removed (and if you think THATS loud...listen to my cold air intake with a hotshot header, jwt s4 cams and a stock exhaust!!) You might gain like 1-2hp with the air horn removed.

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