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I'm a bit boored at work these days. I have knee surgery next Monday to repair a torn ACL that I've had for quite a while now. Since I'll be out for a while, I don't want to start any new projects until I return. So, I thought I'd measure the NX2000 rotor every which way I could.

NX2K: 257mmX26mm
SE-R: 250mmX18mm
difference: 7mm wider (2.8%), 8mm thicker (44%)

NX2K: 12.3lbs
SE-R: 9.6 lbs
difference: 2.7lbs, or 28% increase

Vent in the middle of the rotor:
NX2K: 10.4mm
SE-R: 5.5 mm
difference: 4.9mm, or 89% increase

Venting area (circumference of rotor*vent width):
NX2K: 13.0 sq. in
SE-R: 6.7 sq. in
difference: 6.3 sq. in, or 94% increase

Every way I look at it, my brake temps should be much cooler this year. I'll find out next month when I run the full course at VIR. There's not a whole lot more metal in these rotors, but the vent in the middle is an amazing difference.

OK, I'm done rambling now.

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