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If you have a B14 triple gauge pod from Lo-Tek this GREAT NEWS applies to you. Recently I was made aware of the fact that Lo-Tek had redesigned our pods which fit much better and also has a rock solid mounting system. I called Lyle at Lo-Tek up and he is offering to upgrade or replace your model if you have the old one for free. The old model used one clip at the top. The new models use 2 recessed countersunk screws with screwcaps (looks very nice).

It is up to his descretion whether you get a new piece or an upgrade. If he can rebuild yours he will repaint your old one if it needs it.

I sent mine off to him and got it back today; he repainted it and retrofitted mine and I can't wait to install it, looks great.

*IMPORTANT* Make sure you include a letter stating what year, make, model your car is and also ask that it be upgraded to the newly designed screw model. If you do *NOT* do this he will send it back to you unchanged.


'97 200SX SE-R

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[This message has been edited by Thomas Reynolds (edited 09-10-2001).]
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