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Hey Marc, I was Checking out your picks with
Monsoon's SE-R picture contest. I have a question about the Bosal Prosport muffler shown with your picks . I had planned on getting one soon. They look nice and there very reasonable. I priced them at $105.00 at Olympic Imported parts website. My question is how do they sound? Are they really loud? or do they have a nice growl. The reason I ask is because I'm interested in upgrading my suspension, and as you may know I have a Greddy cat back exhaust and the muffler sits very low and also gives off a descent amount of vibration and tends to scrape when clearing driveway's.My car is stock height and with the Greddy muffler I have no room for my suspension to drop the least. I figure I would get one of these in replacment of the Greddy rear muffler section and have custom piping welded on the Bosal muiffler, then I would have the clearance I need to add my suspension upgrade
Let me know what you make of them. Looks like someone had a Merry Christmas Judging by the pictures.

Ohh that is my good friend MarK Schoenholz muffler. His car is the one in peices in the other pics. He just got it and has not installed it yet.

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