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Attn: To the black NX today @ the auto-x meet in Milwaukee, WI

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Just wondering if the guy I met with the black '93 NX2k is on these boards.

You stopped me today in my white NX2k when I was ready to stage on the autocross track.

Just wanted to say what's up and see if you were on these boards..

1991 NX2000
1998 200SX SE-R
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Another Fuel Injector went bad? That SUX! Hey, are you doing the injectors yourself or having a dealer do them. You should be able to get them at NAPA for like $39 a piece. Easy to install. Are they (NAPA) in Chicago?

They are remanufactured or rebuilt. Something like that. But, to pay $200 or so for an injector? OUCH! You could probably buy 4 for that.

Email me if you want to regarding NAPA. I can look into it a little more. It'll save you some cash for future mods.

'96 G20 ($tillen/K&N intake, '91 intake cam, 17 degrees, custom 2.25" Borla cat-back exhaust)

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