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auto-manual swap, axle help needed

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I've got an irregular problem.

I'm doing an auto to manual swap in my project car (DET NX later) and taking that auto tranny and swapping it into my daily driver NX, so essentially right now I'm doing a manual to automatic swap.

I have the original axles that came from the automatic 93NX2k, and the driver's side is fine, (although it doesn't want to go in the last 1/4 of an inch.) The passenger side is destroyed though, both boots are ripped in half and no grease is left. So I'll need to snag a new passenger axle.

Here is the potentially tricky part.
The 93 automatic tranny/axles came from a car WITHOUT ABS, and they are going into a car WITH ABS

I found this post:

from that post it sounds like I'll need to remove a ring from the end of my manual axles and install it onto my non-abs driver's side axle.
Just making sure, but I think I'll need to order a 93 automatic WITH ABS new axle right?

Is there any other problem I need to know about between the ABS and Non-ABS axles as far as fitment?
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I looked at the passenger side axle side-by side abs to non-abs, it appears the hub side splines extend all the way to the joint on the ABS version, but stop about 1.5 inches from the joint on the non-abs version
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