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This weekend, VMSC held the "Virginia State Championship" at Virginia Motorsports Park. It was a 2-day event -- on Saturday, the courses from last April's Pro Solo were set up. They were going to take the average of your best time from each course. Sunday was going to be a regular Solo II course.

Saturday a.m., I walked each course just once. Mainly trying to figure out how I was going to drive them compared with how I drove them in a RWD Camaro in April.
Also, this was going to be my first real autocross with the Quaife (last week's thing on the Jefferson Circuit wasn't your typical autocross since it had 3rd-gear slaloms

My first runs were kinda sloppy. I took out my harness earlier in the week (took out rollbar, so nothing left to mount harness to), and it felt really weird. I felt like a rag doll getting tossed around with every turn of the wheel. Plus I was trying to figure out how the Quaife was working. I think I was in the mid 34-second range on each course.

Finally, I got down to a 34.0 on the left course and a 33.5 on the right course. I think I was the 2nd-fastest car with fenders!
I'm not sure how close the courses were to the Pro in April -- there were a handful of people Saturday who ran in April, so I'll have to compare their times then and figure out if I would have been competitive in DSP.

I did a couple run runs Saturday afternoon, and I noticed a clunking coming from the front end after my last run. I figured the top nut on a shock had come loose (as has happened before), and I'd just tighten everything up Sunday morning.

So yesterday, I fiddled with the shocks a little bit, drove the car around, and it was still clunking. It sounded like it was coming from the left front. So I jacked the car up and rocked the wheel thinking it might be wheel bearings -- nope, it was rock solid. Finally, I lifted the front wheel with my hands, and it went up with ease even though the shock was on full stiff -- BLOWN SHOCK! I tried the experiment on the passenger side, and I could lift the wheel maybe a quarter inch. The driver's side shock had zero compression, which was causing the clunking noise.

Needless to say, I was pissed. The Shocktek shocks aren't even a year old. PLUS, one of my main rivals in DSP showed up Sunday morning to run his BMW 325is.
I've autocrossed against him since I started, and I was sure I would put the smackdown on his German POS! Grrrr!

The shocks have a lifetime warranty, though, so hopefully I can get a quick turnaround. The shocks I ordered for my '91 raSEcaR should be here any day, and I can just put those front shocks on for the time being.

I ended up driving my g/f's Camaro in the street tire class. What an awesome display of ham-fisted-ness!! Going from a FWD car with Kumho V700s and a kick-ass LSD to a RWD car with 300 hp, Flintstone Kumho street tires and an abused Auburn LSD propelled me to two spins over five runs. I think I got only one clean run to boot.

I'm autocrossing again this Sunday -- hopefully the shocks come in. :|

'93 Sentra SE-R, daily driver and track/autox toy
'91 Sentra SE-R, future racecar
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