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Awesome body kit!

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What do you guys think?

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I like! I want those headlights!!! Somebody please enlighten me on where I can get those badboys....German forum members where are you???
that rear bumper rocks but Im afraid that front lip might only fit a 1600 front soiler
That rear bumper is sweet & i'll take those front headlights too.
You could not buy these headlights. Why? They don't exist apart from these prototypes shown in the pics above. The company called exists not longer, so no one has a set and no one knows what has happened to this car...
Those front head lights are amazing. How hard would it be to make a piece to fit inside the cup of the headlights?
Those look like integra headlights.
Are you sure Morette dont make some??

I'll look now...

No, im being stupid, they dont...
Thats a shame that the kit isnt available....
paNX2K&SE-R said:
What do you guys think?

This is kind of old. The rear bumper skirt looks like a MS Design skirt.
I don't like it.
This is the carlos front spoiler if I remember corectly. Search for it this has been discussed dozens of times.
i'm pretty sure that is the "savage design" body kit.

They went belly up!!
nx-det is right... i searched for the headlights for like 2 months... about a year ago... couldn't get'em
At this time Nick (sakerocket1) and would like to thank everyone for participating in this experiment. There is no need to continue posting to this thread. We decided to post that old picture and see what kind of reactions we recieved. We appreciate everybodies input.
Dear paNX2K&SE-R,
As you may have already gathered, this kit isn't very awesome.
Sorry I guess you didn't get it. This post was just an inside joke.

hooligan NX2000 said:
Dear paNX2K&SE-R,
As you may have already gathered, this kit isn't very awesome.
it was really to see people frenzy over the headlights and had nothing to do with the ugly kit. lol We never mentioned the lights and talked about the body because were bored old timer egg owners.
everyone of you is WRONG.....

its not MS ....its not s SAVAGE CARS....the company still exists but they don't produce the parts guys forget it......i know a lot of nx owners....nearly all which are in a nx club but there are only 2 of them which have parts from savage.....

that exhaust is made by savage too...its the only one in germany...
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On a side note, look at Tims front rim. The tire is squeezed onto it like a fat woman in a small shoe.
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