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Hello all!

I'm new here, and havn't really been into Nissan cars, but one of my friends convinced me to test drive the 2002 Nissan Sentra Spec V. Now, I'll let you know I've been into Honda Civics for a VERY long time, and I currentely own a 1999 Civic Si with 6,000 miles and I love my Si.

So, I went into the dealership and drove a black Spec V. Upon a first look I had to say it looked AWESOME!! I couldn't beleive it came stock with 17" wheels! When I open the car door the interior jumped out at me. The salesman called it "lava" interior.
I get in and start it. The seats feel very comfortable and I love the dash layout. before we take off the salesman told me it's got 175 h.p. with 180 lbs of torque-more than my Si. The Rockford Fosgate audio system sounds very nice-300 watts of power.
We get out on the road, and I'm quite impressed with how it accelerates and handles!! I couldn't believe it had a 6-speed!!

Anyway, to make a super long story short, I'm trading in my Si for a 2002 Spec V!!! This car is AWESOME!!!;)
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