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axle seal Q...and few others...

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finally went with a 95-97 manual tranny after just recently the fifth-gear in my second rebuilt tranny on my b13 went out...installing next saturday along with clutch and pressure plate...just need to know if both axles need the axle seal...or is it just the driver side axle that needs it?
also...where exaclty can i get the axle seals, how much, and what does it look like?...any information would help this here newbie out.... :rolleyes: thanks a bunch...


is it necessary for me to install solid motor mounts at the time i install my new tranny or would it be okay to replace later? far as i know my motor mounts right now are in okay shape...just wanted to know what you guys think...and please let me know what else you guys would replace (clutch cable?...any sensors need replacement?
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Both sides will need new axle seals, at least this is the safe thing to do. And you'll need lube for them which you can buy at any car parts store; molydebum something or other. They look like two big plastic/rubber rings and you can get them from the dealer. I'd go ahead and get ES inserts and put them in, might was well while you're working on the car.
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