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Hi Folks, I am new here and trying to get some information pertaining to a SR20DET swap.

I have a SR20DET from a liberty that I am trying to install into my B14 Sentra. I was trying to mate this with a LSD gearbox from a P11 with the P11 axles. Besides the outer joints being a different size from the sentra, I noticed that the carrier bracket of the right 2 piece axle would not bolt up to the SR20DET block.

I am from the Caribbean so I am not familiar with the US models and trans differences but I did notice that the 95-97 SER sentra came with LSD trans so I am assuming these axles should work for my swap? I looked for these axles on ebay and noticed that the 2 piece axle is not sold with the carrier bracket. Is there a specific carrier bracket that works on the SR20DET block and where do I get that?

I did try looking at old forum posts for these sentra swaps but unfortunately most of the pictures don't exist anymore so I can't get a visual on what I need. I still have some additional parts to get such as the gearbox bracket and gearbox mount with bracket but can't seem to find these parts at all online or locally.
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