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I see the long topic in the se forum about the courtesy exhaust but, I am still confused I own a 96 seR and want to get a new cat back. I am cheep and want to go with the Courtesy B-pipe and a universal muffler. So my question is do I get the universal muffler and have a muffler shop weld the hangers on or what? Is there any other option? What is a good muffler? I want something with good performanc and not to much rice (tip)? sorry if I am missing something simple hear just slap me if I am.
very confused????

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dynomax makes a really good muffler and flows really good, and not loud at all. there is a maxima guy that comes up to my work all of the time and he has one with a 3 inch borla tip, sounds stock except for the stillen supercharger :)
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