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B13/B14 Custom sr20de/det fuel Rails!

I would like to offer the sr20 community a great deal on custom fuel rails for the sr20de/det.
These rails are made/ produced and ready to go:cool: So we will be able to avoid some of those crazy long down times that sometimes have occurred.

Fuel Rail Specs-
-8 inlet: outlet
Top feed injectors
Will fit highport/lowport
Mounting hardware supplied

As interest increases we will make available -6 to -10 in size. The reason we produced a -8 in size is for better flow because my car is using e85 and we needed more capacity. The stock fuel lines will work fine since we will be able to supply fittings that transition from -8 to stock size(-6).

For those running e85 and pushing for big power these fuel rails will accommodate. I am currently running twin pumps that feed a -8 line into the rail and I run the stock return line.

Currently we do not have a stock FPR port, we will in the future, but for this group buy you will need an aftermarket FPR.

$89- unpolished
$99- polished
+$15 for us to supply fittings
Flat rate shipping $8

So if you went with the polished with fittings plus shipping:
Total= $122!!

Pic of my car with rail installed:

Will not fit sr20ve / GTiR.......
Please PM with your interest and what you want with your rail and I will keep this thread updated!!!
I need 2 orders to put this through.
These rails have been made and ready to go:biggthump

When I have 2 orders I will then ask for the money to be sent, Paypal only, and start shipping immediately. I will run this buy until June 1st.

If I get 5 orders tomorrow though I ship as soon as the money is sent! I will give you payment info when we reach that point.

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