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b13 body kits

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i am painting my car this spring and i wanted to get a body kit on before i do.but i can not find one that i like.what i want to know is is there anymore out there that i am is the ones i know of-

drift kit
big mouth kit
jdm sunny 2 and 4 light

are ther anymore?i have seen others but i don't think they are made anymore
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ders the widebody with the r33 front bumper which is gay..
IMO, the sunny 4 light bumper is the best looking, after that I'd definately pick the stillen.
I had the Stillen kit on my 91 SE-R - I would recommend it. It's good quality and looks and fits nice without looking too ricey.
my first choice is by far the stillen, then the xenon is the next best. the sunny front bumpers are nice if you want to retain the more stock look but need room for say, an intercooler or something like that. trust me, you dont want the drift or big mouth kit....i hope.
well, if u lookngi for the drift or big mouth kit i got both for sale.. brand new in buble wrap.. pm me for details...
ive seen the R33 Kit and i have to say it did look good. I doubt it was a wide body because the panels lined up nicely. It looked almost like sunny bumper without the fog lights.

Im looking for that kit now or the xenon, also looks good when molded onto the bumper. Ill find some pics of that r33 kit.
i do like the jdm 4 light.but they are hard to find and i do need room for a intercooler.i have seen the r33 but i am not willing to spend 1200 on that.that is my favorite front bumper but i wish they made one that fit without the flares.
xenon with 2000 lexus blue

Heres a picture of the xenon... needs rims but you get the idea.

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not sure

I dont know if this site is still active but they have it listed for $560
that xenon kit looks really good now. I was just going to get a 93-94 front bumper cover to clean mine up a lil bit, but that xenon could solve the rust problems too. hmmmm...
you dont want anything thats fiber glass. cracks real easy and is a pain to fix.
oh yea forgot to mention the mexican 0em aerokit its basically a simple lipkit which in my opinion is second best to stillenkit...
you got a pic or link to the mexican aero kit i have never seen it before
nah but im sure someone on here has 1
Question and a comment.

The Sunny four-light bumper does allow room for an intercooler? Any modification needed?

I am in the process of getting one, but it's not for sure yet, I should know by the 25th of this month. I'm still looking for a Sunny rear bumper and the side-skirts. If I can get all of them, then I'll have used Xenon kit for sale. But I won't sell it until I get Sunny all the way around.

So if your interested in a Xenon kit, help me find my Sunny pieces.
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