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I have some things available from my recently purchased Black 91 Parts SE-R. Right now, I'm just looking to sell interior since I'm going to take the interior, motor, suspension, and then body apart - easier for me. I'll up-date the post once I start tearing into the motor. Basically, the entire interior (grey) is available other than the front seats, shift boot, and headliner. Feel free to make an offer on any interior items not listed. All prices are without shipping. I would prefer PayPal, but we can work out other means if necessary. Please don't ask about 5 speed conversion/related items (they are needed). Pics of most items can be found here: SE-R/

Front Door Panels - $40 for both
Lower Rear Panels - $20 for both
Center Console (has small crack) - $8
gauge Cluster Surround - Sold
gauge CLuster w/ 451,xxx (Collectors Item? :D ) showing - Sold
Rear Deck Cover - Sold
Both Power Side Mirrors - Sold
Back Seat (dirty, but cleanable, shipping $$) - $30
B13 5 speed ECU - Sold
Glove Box - $15
Console (around e-brake) - $10
Sunroof Switch (attempted to work, but the sunroof was out of adjustment) $10 Sold-pending payment
Sunroof Motor (see above) - $15 Sold-pending payment
Sunroof (shipping $$) - $60
Seat belts - no latches(make offer?)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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