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Parting out my old B13 due to it being totaled due to minor drivers side front end damage. Everything is good except for the fenders, hood, front bumper cover, and core support. Interior is in great shape except for the drivers seat bolstering on the bottom is worn down and both door panels have been cut for power window and door lock switches and they have small tears by the door jambs. Glass is all good and tinted. Taillights are in okay shape. goodridge braided lines. Chassis is good, i just dont have time to fix this and i want my garage back. :D PM me with what you need and pics. Also has energy suspension black poly bushings all around and shifter stabilizer and nx radiator. This is for everything including the motor and transmission. 2 Highport motors completely disassembled, lmk what you need, i probably have it.
Brake booster
Hood latch support
steering column
NGK Plug Wires
NX Radiator
Both Fans
wiper motor arms
door locks
Highport Fuel Rail
Rear Parallel links and bushings
Inner tails
Both Knuckles
AD22 Setup
Mitsu Starter
Front and Rear sway bars and bushings
PS Cooler
Oil Catch Can
here are the links to all the pics, its easier to put them all in one spot Parts/

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I need left and right door interior plastic handle grips 2 piece on each door, if they are not cracked or faded, they are the ones in front of the p/w switches in the pics not the handle ones to open the door. shipped to 94080, is the dash in good condition, any sun cracks or peel up ?

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I am interested in your rear trailing arms with poly bushings. Are the bolts and camber adjustment plates in good shape?
If you want to let them go for a decent price I would like to give you business.


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