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B14 GA16 Unorthodox Racing Underdrive crank pulley

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Very slightly-used (< 35 miles, one day of use) Unorthodox Racing lightweight underdrive crankshaft pulley for a B14 GA16DE. Bought it brand-new from UR for my B13 GA16 under the assumption that it'd fit properly (a GA16 is a GA16, right?), but it doesn't. It fits on the crankshaft beautifully, but it sits too close to the engine to line up the drive belt properly with the accessories (water pump, alternator, and A/C) on my B13 GA16. Apparently they stopped making crank pulleys for the B13 a year a go or so... anyways, back to the specs:

Ultra S series underdrive crankshaft pulley
Part number 0210108
95-98 Sentra 1.6L
99-04 Sentra 1.8L
95-98 200SX 1.6L
UR website

I paid $160 for this brand-new from UR, looking to get back ~$100 + shipping. Includes original packaging, installation sheet, & two UR decals. Make me an offer! (Alternatively, if you happen to have a B13 pulley lying around, I'd love to trade ya!!)
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