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b14 se-r before and after

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I see red Xs

Sweet. Who took a **** on your hood? Im bumperless myself at the moment. Gotta get the new one painted.
no red x's for me. looks good!
That was from an exhaust leak and open down pipe..

Thats a trade mark of a shitty as swap done by the infamouse SleeperMotorsports AKA Dynoworks
Nice, once I have money I'm going to do a swap since I'm dead broke.
does the MAF that close the the compressor affect it at all?
Yeah it would, but that was the old set-up Sleepers did. The TMIC BB DET is what I did and the MAF isn;t that close.
nice job on the swap...
did you sell off your FMIC and t3 turbo?
Yeah charlie did a good job. Not only was it clean but it was cheaper than when i went to sleepermotorsports now dynoworks. They overcharged me for the over all install of the kit.The piping was like 750.00 and they did'nt even do what they said they were going to do. They chose the cheap and easy way. But this swap is 10 times better.
Those pictures make me smile :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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