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b14 SER/SEL rims

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I need 4 of these. I live in Washington, but i will pay for shipping if needed.
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still need them let me know.
Yes i am still looking for some.
i have a pair that might be going soon with no tires. you interested. let me know.
If you live in WA state, i have a set for sale, w/ 205/50's.
2 azenis
Yes, i live in WA state.

92WHTSE-R: Are they SER or SEL and what is the price? I am interested. Shipping would probably be alot since you live on the other side of the country.

BlkB14: Are they SER or SEL? You are selling all 4 wheels and 2 of them have azenis, correct? How much?
they are se-r and i can let them go for $175 + shipping. let me know
yea 2 of them have azenis, the other two are federals.

PM i'll give you my friends number to contact him. he has the wheels, they are off my car. SE-R wheels.
clean not scratched up, for $250
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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