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b14 trunk replacement

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i need to replace my whole trunk....
is it easy to take out.?........

where can i get a trunk to replace it and how much u think a trunk would cost???
is around $50 for one a good deal??
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50 bucks for a trunk??????? Go to the junkyards...
yea $50 for a trunk
how much u think a trunk goes for?
wow 50 for a hole trunk sounds good a day with the cutting torch grinder and welder and you could replace it
its not a bolt up thing???
i am not real sure on a b14 but anyother car i have seen the trunk lid is a bolt on the carpeted sides clip on but the rest of it you have to cut and weld but i have never seen a b14 so i dont know for sure
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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