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We are FULL.

(Pre-powdercoating and there are more pics installed on the write up linked later on)

$145 SHIPPED for 2002-2006
$5 more for 2000-2001 for a 4pt LTB (00-01 takes extra mounting hardware that we include)

$100 Shipped for 2002-2006 1.8 or 2.5
$5 more for 2000-2001 for a 2 point LTB (00-01 takes extra mounting hardware that we include)

These fit all B15 Chasis, however make sure to let us know if you have a 00/01 so we can include the extra hardware. (Hardware needed because of a slight difference in nissan production.)

Powder coat colors: Black. I know in the past we've let you all pick colors, however Jimmy at the time was doing Tie bars full time, whereas now he has a full time job and we're both doing this on the side and its enough work to get them made and powdercoated without switching out colors. If there is alot of interest in another color, maybe the next group buy we can have a vote for a differnt color. Sorry to anyone who would like something else.

How many orders needed to complete the Group Buy? We’re looking to get 10 people in on this for the 4 point, we have one 2 point made, there doesn't seem to be nearly as much interest in it however we do have one in stock. We can do more if there are however this is what we have done. We plan on running more GBs in the future, however it might be a week after these are sold, maybe a month, we're not doing this full time, so it depends on when we actully do have the time to do them.

PAYMENTS: Paypal will be the preferred method of payment. Payments will be made to: [email protected] and if you’d prefer to send a Money Order PM me and I’ll get you the address to mail it to.

What the Jimmy bars do?

2 POINT LOWER TIE BAR: This is the lower tie bar for the casual enthusiast or those limited by SCCA Solo2 classification rules. Unlike other designs this bar mounts to the front control arm bolts in double shear increasing its effectiveness. This bar will help to reduce torque steer, sharpen steering response and provide a modest reduction in wheel hop on launch.

4 POINT LOWER TIE BAR: This bar is a step up from the basic 2-point bar. This bar is designed for the more serious enthusiast and those not running in restricted SCCA Solo2 classes. This bar further reduces wheel-hop, torque-steer, and improves steering response further. This bar also makes the car far more predictable in cornering.

When will the items be shipped out? We'll start shipping on monday for anyone who has paid by then.

How long will the group buy run? Until we hit our 10. Right now we're going to do 10 orders, we'll run another group buy when we have another group of bars ready to go.

How do you install them? Here is a link to the write up I did on this bar

I know I'm going to hear this so I'll go ahead and address it. Yes price on these did go up. There are 2 big reason why. First and formost, our price on steel went up. 2nd off when this was started all steel was .065 or .083 wall. We then started to experiment with .120 and have completly gotten ride of the .065 wall. Better materails plus an increase in steel made us raise the price. This is still cheaper then we've seen any other 4 point tie bars sale fore.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or email me. [email protected] is my email. I usually get back to people the same day if not then within 24 hours.


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