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Bad Ass Suspension

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I'm gonna start saving for some suspension but I don't know what to get.
The AGX/GC setup looks nice, and I have seen them in action. Price breakdown of those-
KYB AGX 4x150= $600
GC Coilover w/Eibach Springs= $399
So about a $1000 for those.

The Teins are about $1200, don't know much about these

The K-Sport's are less but I don't like some of the reviews.

The Progress are $1270.75, don't know much about these either.

Any other options?

I like to Autocross and I need something alot stiffer than what I have (stock). Right now I can get the left rear tire to come off the ground at least 6" (I have it on video), and that isn't acceptable.

Road comfort isn't that big of a deal to me, but it is a daily driver so they need to last long. I want the car to be lower as well, but not scraping the damn ground.

I don't know about spring rates for our cars either. Any input is appreciated...
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Damn jesus crappy nissan suspension! gotta make everything so hard lol

Ok so to get things in perspective

Are there any spings/shocks that I could buy, and install right outta the box and be cool with? I love my car to death but **** i dont wanna have to spend days figuring out what ratio i should do with what

I use mine as a daily driver and dont plan on taking it to the track, just want something i can screw around with and mess with people on the freeway
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