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I'v already replaced my starter (which was a fun task), distrubtor caps, spark plugs, did a full tune up and all. But myc ar still acts like it doesn't want to start.

We have to floor the pedal to the metal, turn three times, chant and twist the key and mutter "All hail the SE-R", and sometimes she doesnt want to start, but grudgedly will if we keep it up.

I could check all 700+ messages but i'm doing brakes work in the AM and gotta have the car done by noon so the wife can drive herself to work (replacing the calipers)

This has been a recurring problem for the last 2 months and it's driving me nuts. Any leads to this would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah.. She is a 1991 nissan sentra se-r..


Sweet.. =p

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