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A few months ago I installed a JDM 10:1 engine into my NX... the motor looked so clean I did not feel the need to replace the water pump..
Well, now i have this noise.
The noise comes and goes.. but it is there more when the engine is cold, and it only happens when the engine is not under load (like between shifts, and when the motor is revving down like coasting down in gear)
I can put the car in neutral, moving or not, and rev the engine up and it makes the noise when the motor comes back down..
when I rev the engine from the engine bay it seems to be coming from the passenger side of the motor. I am most certain it is the water pump but it could be the ps pump.
the sound is a high pitch screech, metal on metal.
I am positive it is not the belt, I checked the belts tension and it is OK according to the deflection listed in the FSM.

Any help would be apprecaited.. what I want to know is what does a bad water pump sound like?
Also, on free way trips if I cruise flat the temp is fine but as soon as I start to go up hill a bit it makes the temp rise a bit, I can flip the heater on for a min or two and the temp goes down, but if I turn the heater off it goes back up in a min or two. It does not climb for the H side tho, it just gets a bit beyond half way, which, is unushual, it normally (before the motor swap and in my SER w/sr20de and sr20det) stays a bit below half
david lau
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