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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CyberIce:
Are the Bluebird sr20det and the Silvia Sr20det the same engine????
Bluebird SR20DET (FWD Motor Layout) Actual AWD Drivetrain

Silvia S13-S15 (RWD Motor Layout) Actual RWD Drivetrain

The Bluebird is similar to the AWD Eclipse layout ; A FWD Layout Motor w/ AWD Driveline

Where as the Silvia is exactly like any of the RWD cars ; ie: US 240sx & Supra

The BB SR20DET & Pulsar GTiR SR20DET are the only motors to fit into the FWD US Spec 200SX, Sentra, & NX.

The Silvia Motor will fit into any year US Spec RWD 240SX.


Louis Anaya 1992 Sentra SE-R
349.6 hp & 301.4 ft/lb @ 19 psi, 13.6 @ 111 mph(Street Tires),12.0 @ 118.77 mph(Slicks), Bluebird SR20DET w/ GTiR Pistons,T3/T04E,Deltagate Wastegate (7-9 PSI) FMAX Manifold, RevHard FMIC, JWT S3 Cams, JWT Ported & Polished Head, 1996 200SX SE-R Welded & Cyro Treated Tranny, ACT Xtreme P/PL & 6 Puck Disc, Cobra MAF, JWT ECU w/ 4 Bar Fuel Program, MSD 50lb/hr Injectors, JWT Fuel Rail, 300ZXTT Fuel Pump, AeroMotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Greddy Type "R" BOV, Greddy Profec B, Greddy Boost & EGT Guages, UR 4 Pulley Kit, Powerslot Rotors, Axxis MM Brake Pads, ES Motor Mounts, Topspeed Short Shifter, Momo Cobra Shift Knob, KYB AGX Struts, GC Coilovers (350F/600R)& 17x7 White Tenzo Shu-4's w/ Sumitomo 205/40/ZR17 Tires (Street), 13x7.5 White Lenso VPD's w/ Mickey Thompson 24.5x8x13 Slicks(Drag)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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