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I have been asked to pass a message along from my friend Allan Mulach....

Sunday, April 26, there is a BBQ at Mike Moroschok's house, he drives an orange 91 SE-R with a body kit that's been featured in hot import nights and import tuner etc...

THis is a BYOB event, Bring your own Beef. Also there will be some installing going on.

Mike lives in the Antioch area.

If you are interested, want more info or directions,
please call Allan at (925) 818-0373.

I don't have any more info. Sorry.

If you respond by posting, great.
I'm personally not going being that its on a sunday.

I encourage people to go and hang out.

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hey dave where you from? is that antelope valley? let me check where antioch is on my map.. and if it close enough i will tell you guys if i will be able to make it or not

NVM man.. that is 5 and half hours away! HAH i didnt know it was that far.. wow lol
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